This is Your Warning

Traveling via scooter or moped on the back-roads in the United States (or anywhere) can be extremely dangerous for many reasons obvious and not
This is not a typical 'American Holiday' where you sit on the beach sipping Coronas trying not to get caught checking out the scantly clad bodies
A person's chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of taking part in this epic adventure is very probable. Individuals who have taken part in similar adventures have been permanently injured, seriously disabled and even lost their life. One cannot overestimate the risks involved in taking part in this adventure. Further Rules and Disclaimer are listed below
You will get saddle-sore
This is an adventure and so by that very nature, an extremely risky endeavor
You really are putting your health, life, and relationships at risk
YES! The answer is 'yes' | "will I be asked to sign a waiver?"
If you do this on your own, good-on-ya, but don't blame anyone but yourself for mishaps.  Just because you got the idea here does not make anyone associated with this liable for your errors or the stupidity of others. Remember that this is a ridiculous thing to try


  • Scooters | Mopeds for this adventure cannot be larger than 99cc. Thus, they must not be eligible in any way to go on the Interstate in any state in the United States. So, if you need to go even smaller to not be tempted, plan and do.
  • You must be the registered owner of the moped | scooter, you must have insurance (plus proof) | have the appropriate license.
  • You must wear protective gear regardless of your nonsense beliefs, invincible nature or God Complex.
  • You must sign a piece of paper (many actually) proclaiming something like "I Will Not Whine" or "Take Legal Action of Any Kind" and that you are aware this is a ridiculous and dangerous challenge in which you have thoroughly researched and pondered the consequences of both your own actions, actions of others, acts of God, the Universe, random dogs and any other possible positive or negative outcomes that may roll your way or, appear along the road at anytime and, anywhere.
  • No kiddies. No one under 21. Note: It's the United States. If you are under 21, you wouldn't be able to fully partake in any planned festivities or receive informed opinions on color-coordinating with your scooter. This probably isn't the challenge for you at this time in your life. No offense. Serve in the military if you need adventure from 18 to 21.
  • The idea is this: go slower than (most) cars will take you | meet tons of people | sleep under the stars | crash out in sketchy motels survive dirty hostels | make the most of the U.S. while taking the back roads to a life of adventure

More Disclaimer

Attempting to reach some points listed on this website can be extremely, ridiculously dangerous. Trying could lead to both minor and major accidents resulting in injury or death | Some locations are in rugged, isolated regions, where even minor mishaps can escalate quickly into a life threatening crisis | Locations can be on areas where access comes with a warning of its own or is restricted. Trespassing in these areas can result in being arrested, yelled at, shot at, or some other even worse outcome. Always remember that any right of access to areas is in constant change. Past access does not guarantee present access | By use of information on this website, the reader or anyone the reader passes this information off upon, hereby releases the authors and webmasters from liability for any injury, including but not limited to monetary loss, loss of body parts, reduced or total collapse of mental health, death, and other damages that might in any way be connected with this website, events or ideas generated from such.

This is serious shit. Don't do things you are not equipped, prepared, or trained to do.  It's dangerous. It's ridiculous.

We are not responsible for you, your choices, your friend's choices or your family being sad and all lawsuit-feeling once you are no longer with the human race or incapable of being the whole person you are right now while reading this message. 

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