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  • Northwest Angle in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota (49°23' 4.1"N) | northernmost point in the 48 contiguous states.
  • Blaine, Washington and Portal, North Dakota | northernmost cities in the contiguous United States
  • Western Dry Rocks, Florida | In the Florida Keys - southernmost point in US occasionally above water at low tide
  • Cape Sable, Florida | southernmost point on the U.S. mainland
  • West Quoddy Head, Maine | easternmost point on the U.S. mainland
  • Winter Park, Colorado (12,060 feet) | highest city limits in all of U.S. territory.
  • Leadville, Colorado (10,152 feet) | highest city in all of U.S. territory
  • Badwater Basin (Death Valley), California (−282 feet) | lowest surface point in all of U.S. territory
  • Geographic center of the 48 contiguous states 4 miles west of Lebanon, Kansas



Attempting to reach some points listed on this website can be extremely, ridiculously dangerous. Trying could lead to both minor and major accidents resulting in injury or death | Some locations are in rugged, isolated regions, where even minor mishaps can escalate quickly into a life threatening crisis | Locations can be on areas where access comes with a warning of its own or is restricted. Trespassing in these areas can result in being arrested, yelled at, shot at, or some other even worse outcome. Always remember that any right of access to areas is in constant change. Past access does not guarantee present access | By use of information on this website, the reader or anyone the reader passes this information off upon, hereby releases the authors and webmasters from liability for any injury, including but not limited to monetary loss, loss of body parts, reduced or total collapse of mental health, death, and other damages that might in any way be connected with this website, events or ideas generated from such.

This is serious shit. Don't do things you are not equipped, prepared, or trained to do.  It's dangerous. It's ridiculous.

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